naturelly packaging

What is Naturelly?

Naturelly is a naturally fun and fruity refreshing juicy jelly snack made with scrumptious fruit juice and a special gelatine free wibbly jelly. This jelly juice naturally helps fill up little tummies until meal time and helps stop those cravings for sugary snacks after school or nursery. In fact it’s a school approved product and we’ve also been approved by the vegetarian and coeliac societies too. Also as it’s a jelly it doesn’t spill in your car. Yay!

Our Special Jelly

Gellan Gum is a natural dietary fibre that helps fill little tums for longer. It is a very special non-animal gel source that comes from lilly plants which is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and people with religious dietary practices – (Kosher/Halal)

Our Flavours

Naturelly jelly juice comes in three scrumptious flavours: Totally Tropical, Summer Fruits and Apple & Blackcurrant. Each flavour is great for slurping and comes in an easy-squeezey pouch perfect for little hands.

Summer Fruits

The taste of summer and outdoor adventures in an easy-squeezey pouch. What could be better?

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Totally Tropical Fruits

Slurp up a little sunshine for a totally tropical taste with pineapples, apple, passion fruit and orange.

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Apple & Blackcurrant

Crisp, juicy apple goodness straight from the trees we’ve climbed with brilliant blackcurrant.

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About Naturelly

Naturelly is a fun & refreshing gelatine free juicy jelly snack from scrumptilicious fruit juice, water and gellan gum.

Did you know?

Gellan Gum is a natural dietary fibre found in Lily Plants.


Thickening agent gellan gum, Fruit Juice, Natural flavourings, water & 100% RDI of the antioxidant Vitamin C.