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Argos Voucher

Win £50 worth of Argos Vouchers

How would you like to win £50 to spend on toys for your little one? (Or you could just treat yourself wink!) We are totally thrilled to offer you this chance to win 1 of 5 £50 Argos vouchers! Please see promotion tag on packs of Naturelly in selected Sainsbury’s stores nationwide. Enter the best […]


Magic Jelly

Naturelly and Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom make ‘Magic Jelly’

Naturelly has partnered with Entertainment One (eOne) to create a new line of jelly featuring its popular preschool property Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom. The partnership will mark the Ben & Holly brand’s entrance into the food aisles initially launching on Ocado Naturelly have created a special ‘Magic Jelly’ for kids aged 12 months + […]


Naturelly Now Available from Sainsburys

Jelly Good Fun at Sainsbury’s Naturelly now available in Sainsbury’s Stores Nationwide The Naturelly family are delighted to announce that they have launched their refreshing fun & fruity juicy jelly in 555 Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Nationwide.   Available now just in time for those days out, picnics and back to school lunchboxes! Naturelly is a multi-award-winning […]


Berry Jelly Smoothie


There’s an event-filled summer ahead, with everything from a royal wedding to holidays, parties and festivals, so I hope it’s a good time to share super summery Berry Jelly smoothie recipe.   This easy, Berry Jelly smoothie recipe uses our brilliant Naturelly.  We sent some of our  Jelly Juice pouches to Hedi Hearts and a contribution […]


Naturelly Healthy Gummy Bears

Naturelly Gummy Bears

Naturelly healthy gummy bears to keep the kids happy but healthy with this fun & fruity twist. Ingredients; Simple version (yellow gummy bears) 1 Naturelly Tropical Fruits Jelly Juice pouch 2 tsps maple syrup or honey ½ tsp agar agar powder Matcha gummy bears (green gummy bears) 1 Naturelly Summer Fruits Jelly Juice pouch 2 […]


Naturelly Banana Jelly

Naturelly Brilliant Banana & Chocolate Jelly Pots

Brilliant Easter Banana and Chocolate Jelly Pots Serves 4 Ingredients 1 large, fresh banana 1 frozen banana (no skin) 1 pouch of tropical fruits Naturelly Jelly 1 15ml tablespoon raw cacao powder 100g coconut yoghurt 1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste   Method First, peel and slice your fresh banana and put it to one side. Break […]


Healthy Jelly Chia Pudding or Breakfast Recipe

Healthy Jelly Chia Pudding by Hedi Hearts If this is the first time you’ve heard of chia pudding (what?!?), then this is a wonderful dish that can be enjoyed as both breakfast and dessert. My jelly chia pudding is not only incredibly simple to throw together and is really tasty, but this wonderful treat is […]


Naturelly – Chocolate & Jelly Dessert

Naturelly Chocolate Jelly – who would have thought such a thing existed? Tastes so good too. Enjoy this lovely Valentines recipe from Jo Romero Food Blogger and Author. Strawberry and Jelly Chocolate Pots Makes 4 Ingredients 1 pouch of Naturelly Jelly Juice Summer Fruits 1 heaped tablespoon raw cacao powder 2 large strawberries, trimmed of their […]


Recycling with Terracycle

Naturelly Terracycle – Pouch Recyling

Do you recycle your pouches using Terracycle? Naturelly recommend that you do. Unfortunately at this time there are no bio-degradeable pouches available for manufacturers like us to use for our fun & fruity juicy jelly but please be rest assured we are looking. Pouches are made from foil but also have a plastic laminate on […]


How to make a Naturelly Brilliant Christmas Trifle

Grain Free, Vegan,  Strawberry, Jelly and Coconut Christmas Trifle By Jo Romero Food & health blogger from Comfort Bites. Serves 2-3   Ingredients 5 big, juicy Medjool dates 1 tsp raw cacao powder 1 tsp coconut oil 1 heaped tsp desiccated coconut pinch of sea salt 1 pack Naturelly Tropical Jelly 250ml coconut cream, room […]


Naturelly Brilliant for Aliens & Earthlings by Oscar Murray

Meet Oscar Murray. Oscar Murray is the Chief Imagination Officer (CIO) at Naturelly. The space loving 7-year-old, (he was only 6 when he started), beat off hundreds of applicants for the role. He won our competition to become the CIO after submitting a short video online, which was judged by the public on the Naturelly […]


Vit C

Parents are fearful of kids getting sick when they go back to school

New research reveals 66% of parents are fearful of kids getting sick when they go back to school Most parents will agree that schools and nurseries are breeding grounds for coughs, colds, and infections. When a youngster starts at school or nursery, they seem to suffer an endless cycle of minor ailments, that then seem […]